Your source for professional tree services.

Badger Tree Service is based in Bloomer, Wisconsin and serves throughout the Chippewa Valley.  We operate using various rope climbing and rigging techniques with allows us to access trees that bigger equipment often cannot.  Lake homes and cabins with trees that equipment cannot reach as well as homes with lawns or landscaping that would prefer to avoid the impact of heavy bucket trucks can consider using this low-impact alternative.  Regardless of the tree size or location, we will be pleased to take a look and give you a free estimate.  We continue to build our business by offering competitive prices, excellent customer service and quality tree care.

Services we provide

  • Hazardous tree removal

  • storm damage removal a clean-up

  • Limbing and pruning for tree health and aesthetics.  our focus is structural pruning

  • low impact rope rigging - no heavy trucks destroying lawns and landscaping

  • Professional trained and efficient work practice

  • safe work environment

  • Fully licensed and insured


Committed to safety and customer service

Our first priority is always safety:  The safety of your home and property, the safety of the public, and the safety of our tree crew.  We demonstrate this one tree at at time, looking at the potential risks as well as how we conduct ourselves throughout the process.  We also are not satisfied with a job unless you are satisfied.  We will communicate the work plan and discuss price options depending on the amount of work to be done and the level of material removal needed.  There will be no billing until the work is completed and you are happy with the finished product.